Sugar Smash: Book Of Life iOS Game Review

  Today we're going to be taking a look at Sugar Smash: Book Of Life, a free game for iOS created by SGN.

  It's an addictive puzzle game that's a very similar to the ever-popular Candy Crush, but it actually does quite a few things better than Candy Crush and is a very worthy competitor for your time.

  The game's fantastic 15,000+ reviews averaging 5-stars in the iTunes app store already probably gives you an idea of the general public's positive perception to it, considering that it models an extremely successful game but also differentiates itself in a few positive ways.

  But now let's examine more details as to why that is, as well as take a look at a gameplay video below.

  In many ways that are very similar to that of Candy Crush, Sugar Smash: Book Of Life revolves around the player's ability to "swipe" candies around, switching them with eachother in order to create rows of 3 or more similar candies.

  Once 3 or more similar candies end up in a row together, those all get "crushed", which causes them to disappear so that other candies an then fall in from above.

  If you have 4 or more candies in a row when you crush them, you get very useful bonuses and multipliers to help advance and further raise your score.

  Take a look at this 20-minute gameplay video showing what the game is like in the beginning:

(Source: YouTube - iOS Games Channel)

  The game features 3 main characters named Maria, Joaquin, and Manolo and whenever you achieve something in the game there are lots of character comments and animations that make it more fun to continue playing.

  What I believe to be one huge improvement over the original Candy Crush is that you have more choice when it comes to which objectives you want to complete in a level. Unlike Candy Crush, if one goal is too difficult for you to achieve you can still usually somehow beat the level by completing the other goal(s).

  I've sunk about 8 hours into the game now and am at level 108 currently (some people are at 300-400+!), so it's clear to me I have alot more work to do it I want to make it to the high levels. That's a good thing in my eyes though because it was an enjoyable game overall.

  There are buyable coins and a few in-app purchases that can help you advance farther, but I have not yet seen the need for them and haven't spent anything.

  Where Sugar Smash sets itself apart from Candy Crush is really in the characters, bells & whistles such as the animations, and -- well, the fact that it's a whole different game! If you've already played Candy Crush to the point where you're looking for something, maybe this is that "new" something that will still feel comfortably familiar.

  Well, what are you waiting for? It's a good game and it's free! Download Sugar Smash: Book Of Life in the iTunes store now and let me know what you think! Do you prefer it to Candy Crush or find they compliment each other? What level can you get to?

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