About PocketNova

April 27, 2016

  PocketNova is an independent resource for all mobile lovers out there. Whether you use an iOS, Android, or a Windows Mobile device, whether you're on a smartphone or a tablet, PocketNova sets out to cover and provide you with all of latest news, reviews, and discussions happening in the mobile world.

  Mobile devices are evolving at a jaw-dropping rate. It's hard to even call a smartphone a "phone" anymore, when it really would be more accurate to call it a mobile computer. Smartphones have come such a long way over recent years that that's really what they are, with hardware that is closing the gap on laptop computers, and powerful operating systems that let you run games and applications of endlessly varying different types.

  There are so many different games, apps, and devices out there that the spectrum can range anywhere, from some being some being amazingly awesome, to some possibly being ultimately glitchy, overpriced garbage.

  With the massive amount of games and apps being released every day it also essentially results it becoming a necessary evil to need to sift through a number of less desirable ones before you're able to find those "diamonds in the rough". Because of this, that's why it's a goal for PocketNova to help other mobile lovers identify which games, apps, and devices are those good ones -- to discover what is the most worthy of their valuable time and money.

  PocketNova.com is written & maintained by NovaTonix (Adam), a lifelong console & PC gamer who also fell in love with mobile gaming. What first began with a Pokemon (Blue) obsession on my GameBoy as a child, has now evolved into a passion for pouring over the massively growing mobile, tablet, and smart device worlds of today.

  PocketNova is the channel for me to share my love for mobile technology with the community, while also being able to provide high quality information, insight, and be able to serve as a beneficial resource for all mobile lovers out there.